Assessment Management System FAQ

This page contains answers to some frequently asked questions. If you do not find your question answered, please get in touch with us.

Does aPlus+ support units of competency?

Yes, aPlus+ does support a variety of competency based assessment including units and optionally elements within those units. You can define how each assessment contributes towards the unit mark and unit grade.

How many users can aPlus+ support?

APlus+ does not limit users of the software and is not priced per user. All your staff can use aPlus+. APlus+ is licensed based on students.

Can aPlus+ integrate with our Student Managment System?

Yes, aPlus+ has been designed specifically to connect to a student information management system. With a pluggable connector architecture and generic connector for any SQL data source, aPlus+ can connect to most student management systems with minimal effort and speed. APlus+ connects to Artena student management system and Tribal EBS student management system. 

Can aPlus+ replace our internally developed assessment management software?

Yes. Many of our existing clients have developed their own solutions, using a variety of light weight database platforms such as Microsoft Access and Filemaker. Typically these solutions have worked adequately in the past, for a few users, but are no longer providing the value required. We have developed comprehensive assessment and results management software so that you don't have to. You can benefit from aPlus+ which incorporates years of development and flexibility to support a variety of customer types. Our customers have found it is cost effective to use aPlus+ than to develop or continue to use their existing solutions.

Our SMS does assessment management

All of Cobek's current customers have student management systems which provide both assessment, results and attendance tracking facilities. As a specialist solution, aPlus+ has been designed to do more in the areas of assessment level results management and attendance tracking. APlus+ is a comprehensive solution which is continually improve to meet our customers needs. Our customers benefit from our focused software and can enjoy we the best of both worlds. In particular, with aPlus+, our customers do not experience limitations and can benefit from our experience in the area we focus on.

Will aPlus+ replace our Student Management System (SMS)?

No, aPlus+ is not a student management system and does not try to duplicate functionality. APlus+ provides specialist assessment, results and attendance tracking functionality. We focus our attention on areas that student management system vendors cannot focus on in the same way. Almost all of our customers run aPlus+ alongside their student management system.

Can we use aPlus+ for attendance tracking only?

Yes you can aPlus+ can be licensed for attendance tracking, or assessment and results management, or both.


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