Assessment Management Software for Universities

Why invest significant resources in developing a custom built solution for assessment management when aPlus+ is a turn-key cost effective solution designed with Universities in mind and ready to deploy.

Why wait for assessment management software to be considered by committees when the red tape can be avoided by aPlus+ Express which can be securely available to your and your staff in a very short period.

Universities offer diploma, degree and post graduate degree courses and take a different approach to eduation compared to Polytechnic institutions. However the need for comprehensive assessment management software remains the same. Our aPlus+ assessment management software was designed to accomodate both degree and diploma style courses, and flexible unit of achievement style courses, or a mix of both - even within the one course.

There are a number of deployment options a University can choose from, ranging from a full site-wide deployment hosted on servers managed by your IT department, through to individual deployments at each faculty or school - optionally hosted securely for you. aPlus+ provides comprehensive access control to ensure staff only access those aspects of the system they need.

aPlus+ is an excellent choice of assessment management software for Universities. Choosing aPlus+ means a quick ROI and immediate benefit. The aPlus+ solution has been refined over many years and exposure to many tertiary education providers and is ready to be deployed now.

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