aPlus+ Analytics

Are you measuring the information that impacts your achievement goals?

Dive into your data and gain fresh insights into student achievement. Gain competitive advantages and stability in the long run. aPlus+ Analytics is built on a powerful reporting platform, designed to make it easy for you to explore your data. aPlus+ Analytics is available as a module of aPlus+ or as a stand alone solution connected to your existing data sources.

Student Achievement Analytics

Helps you to understand what differentiates high achievers from students who struggle. Do students of particular faculties or ethnicities perform better in particular assessment types? Do low performing students have higher rates of dishonest practice?

Student Attendance Analytics

Explore the relationships between gender, age, ethnicity and attendance. When are different kinds of students absent? When is attendance greatest? How does attendance for different groups compare to previous years?

Course and Qualification Analytics

Compare faculties, qualifications and courses on the many available comparison attributes to identify areas of interest and opportunities for improvement.

Design and Share the Information you want

You choose the information what you want to see and how you want to see it, save for later and share with colleagues.

Relevant Information where it should be

aPlus+ Analytics puts useful information a click away for front-line teaching staff - available for the qualification, course or student they are looking at.

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