Flexible deployment options

Our commitment to deliver a flexible achievement management solution extends to deployment flexibility. You have the choice of deploying aPlus+ Server, choosing our hosted offering aPlus+ Express or aPlus+ Cloud.

aPlus+ Server

Appropriate for larger institutes. Leverage your existing IT infrastructure. Requires Windows Server and SQL Server.

aPlus+ Express

Appropriate for smaller to medium sized institutes or larger institutes with stretched IT resources. Hosted securely on a robust network infrastructure. Lower implementation costs, fast deployment and free deployment of software updates. Minimal impact on your IT infrastructure and IT resources. Commonly referred to SaaS (Software as a Service) model which is cost effective and easy for you.

aPlus+ Cloud

Designed with smaller organisations in mind, our cloud based solution has no software to install and is priced monthly, per student with several pricing plans. You can start using aPlus+ in just a few minutes - it couldn't be easier to get started.


aPlus+ is designed to work alongside your existing student information system, and both Server and Express versions provide quick and easy integration with any SQL based student information system.

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