Specialist Solutions

Improve the way you track student achievement and performance information with our turn-key solutions for higher education.

Enhance engagement and improve academic quality

By actively tracking and monitoring student attendance, assessment and examination results, aPlus+ enables you to easily and regularly identify students who have slipped behind, and provide tailored support services to promote successful course/qualification completion.

Gain educational performance insights

aPlus+ provides consistent and accurate information of student performance that facilitates teaching and learning outcomes. You can be sure that your organisation has a proactive system in place to help you better understand student performance patterns and bring about continuous improvement.

Drive productivity and efficiency gains

Reduce time-consuming and costly processes of managing student performance with aPlus+. It gives you quick access to accurate information relevant to your role and preferences, and simplifies practices with just a few clicks.

Support decision making and regulatory compliance

With comprehensive analytical reports and dashboards aPlus+ gives you insights into student progress and course outcomes, thus helping you to make better decisions to ensure student success and demonstrate your capability in self-assessment and efforts of ongoing improvement.


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