aPlus+ Revive Student Retention Platform

aPlus+ Revive is software for higher education that constantly monitors your entire student population, identifying students who need help and provides a complete framework to manage and track intervention.

There's more about student retention software for higher education on the aPlus+ Revive web site.

Why reinvent the wheel?

With aPlus+ Revive you can avoid investing in narrow focused and time consuming business intelligence and reporting implementations that may help further down the track and but are inflexible and unable to adapt to your changing environment. aPlus+ Revive is ready now, analyses your data, lets you know where to take action and seamlessly provides a comprehensive intervention management framework for taking action. One integrated solution that gives you retention process visibility. Focus your investment on intervention, not on building your own technology solutions.

Every student matters

Large proportions of students enrolled in degree level courses do not return to study at the same tertiary institute after any given year. In order to provide students with a quality, effective education higher education providers should aim to retain student populations. aPlus+ Revive helps you to achieve this by understanding student achievement and risk across your entire student population.

aPlus+ Revive facilitates early intervention

aPlus+ Revive helps institutes to identify 'at risk' students early through a comprehensive and flexible achievement monitoring framework that integrates with your existing information systems. Learning from your data and your people, aPlus+ Revive provides a comprehensive framework to manage intervention.

Adapt to your changing environment

aPlus+ Revive provides easy integration with your data sources and a framework for making sense of the data. Cobek's experience in the higher education sector has ensured an open and flexible architecture for integration that makes it easy to load achievement and risk information from your existing systems. As your environment changes, incorporating additional data sources into your overall risk identification processes is easy.

Learn more about student retention

We've made it easy for you to learn about student retention. Our white paper investigates the importance of student retention rates for tertiary education providers and outlines strategies to combat poor retention.

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Student Retention White Paper

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