aPlus+ Attendance

The easy way for higher education institutes to track student attendance. Save time and know what you need to know.

Are you looking for a proven software solution which makes it easy for higher education institutes to comprehensively track student attendance?

Actively monitor student attendance

Replace your inconsistent spread sheets and custom databases. With aPlus+ Attendance, all information is consistent and centralised giving you a systematic approach towards student attendance management.

Improve productivity

Record and search attendance performance by student, course, or period with just a few clicks. Improve effectiveness and productivity by providing instant data to your staff with high availability and reliability.

Lower administrative costs

aPlus+ Attendance has powerful features which smooth your administrative activities. aPlus+ Attendance is a complete solution providing everything you need to manage student attendance and save costs.

Customise and Integrate

To suit your specific needs, aPlus+ Attendance incorporates many configurable options giving you control over your institution’s information. By integrating with your wider software framework, aPlus+ Attendance gives your institution smart and accurate information for solid decision making.

Powerful reports

Gain powerful insight of your student attendance data with comprehensive reports generated effortlessly by aPlus+ Attendance. Helping you to better manage student attendance and improve academic performance.

Learn more at aplusattendance.com

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