aPlus+ Attendance

Complete Attendance Tracking for University and College

Effectively tracking attendance is not as easy as it sounds. We've developed hardware and software with the sole focus of reliably solving this problem for you. From single class through to fully automated University wide attendance solutions.
Attendance Tracking
  • Multiple attendance collection options.
  • Manual, automated and hybrid.
  • Comprehensive and intuitive cloud based attendance tracking software.
  • Many customizable ways to view data.
Flexible Solutions
  • Timetabled and non-timetabled solutions.
  • Stand alone or integrated.
  • Automated alert and report options.
Early Alerting
  • Automatically identify priority learners - early.
  • Monitor across your institute.
  • Manage and track intervention action.
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Attendance Collection Options

Choose the collection method that works for you - we’ve got plenty of options. These can work together in a hybrid solution so that the most effective method is used for each class or department.
Instructor entry
Instructors enter attendance for their class on any web connected device
Smart scanners
Students scan their RFID contactless card card as they enter (and/or exit) class
Students enter unique identifier on a kiosk as they enter a location and optionally provide more details
Mobile Scanning
Instructors scan students RFID or barcode enabled cards as they enter a location
Self registration
Students are assigned unique codes at the start of class which they enter into their device in a time window
Attendance triggered by your LMS or other systems

Two Powerful Software Options

Each is tailored to different attendance tracking scenarios, can be configured to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, and has specially designed functionality to make working with automated scanning devices a breeze.
Attend HE
Track attendance against scheduled classes
Attend Core
Track attendance without timetabling
  • Comprehensive University and College grade attendance system.
  • Configurable to almost every aspect, this system works with your existing processes, hierarchies and reporting requirements.
  • Works best in situations where you have timetable data, however it can work as the system of record as well if needed.
  • If your goal is early alerting, then use the inbuilt 'Revive' module (optional), or have early alerts generated by Attend HE in your system of choice.

Attendance entry

Enter and adjust attendance records using a clean and simple interface.

Configurable statuses

Configure all the attendance options you need including their colour and how the status affects attendance rate calculations.

Modern web interface

Intuitive and responsive web interface is easy to use on tablets and desktop computers.

Integration Options

All of our solutions can be integrated with your existing Student Information or Learning Management Systems, sometimes an integration with both is required.
Our powerful integration frameworks make it simple to load data from and export data to your systems, enabling you to leverage what you have. Attend HE and Core both provide a variety of outputs to augment this or can provide for all your attendance reporting requirements.

Know who did what, where and when

Track event attendance & movement, or resource use such as nutrition stations, gyms, or sports practice

  • Open DaysWant to see how many people visit each part of the university? Know which departments should follow up with which students. Plan hours and traffic for next year.
  • Alumni EventsSee which Alumni have attended, collect new contact information via kiosks.
  • Nutrition StationsCheck that your athletes are eating as planned. Track their usage of unmanned nutrition stations.
  • Sports PracticeTrack attendance to sports practice, meetings and games.
  • EnrollmentTrack freshman movements around enrollment events, makes sure they have been everywhere they need to before they leave the event.
  • Proof of LocationHave projects or responsibilities that require students are certain places at certain times. Have them scan in to ensure they are meeting those responsibilities.

End-to-end student attendance tracking and early alert


Improve student retention through early alerting

  • Discover students who need support.
  • Track support efforts and outcomes.
  • Connect stakeholders.
  • Maintain evidence of the actions that you're taking to retain students.
  • Enable collaboration so that staff become a part of the student retention process.

aPlus+ Attendance for Canvas

Are the limitations of Canvas Rollcall holding you back? Canvas LMS users can add aPlus+ Attendance to their Canvas course modules to benefit from an attendance platform which was created to support both simple and complex attendance tracking scenarios and everything inbetween.
  • Customize attendance statuses
  • Comments, allocations, time in/out, points
  • Options to automate attendance in Canvas
  • Separate timetables for lecture, tutorial, etc
  • Course and system level reporting
  • Easy and simple integration with LTI
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Higher Education Buyers Guide

Become an expert on evaluating automated attendance solutions for Higher Education

Download Higher Education Buyers Guide (PDF)

This guide has been prepared based on our research and experience with attendance tracking technology options. In this guide we explore some of the key reasons for taking attendance in higher education institutes, challenges, and the technology options available for automating attendance tracking. This guide will be valuable if you're evaluating attendance automation options, whether you want to track attendance for your university, college or private training institute.

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