aPlus+ Results

Comprehensive Results Management for Higher Education

Benefit from a specialist resulting platform

  • Complete audit trailsEasily review the full history of marks including who changed what, and when.
  • Configurable grade keys Define rules to suit your course and unit grading requirements. Grades automatically calculated by comprehensive grade systems, enabling staff to check student performance immediately on marks entry.
  • Special informationConfigure special assessment information such as dishonest practise, academic review and any other types that you may need, enabling you to capture any information you need in relation to assessment.
  • Charts and statisticsEasily accessible for faculty.
  • Supports units of competencyaPlus+ supports Units of Competency and optionally elements of competency within each unit.
  • Supports local unitsaPlus+ distinguishes between national qualifcations framework units and local units that are unique to your institute.
  • Configurable assessment typesYou define the kinds of assessments you work with and the extra information that applies to each. aPlus+ does not limit you. This is then reportable.
  • Assessment duplication toolEnables full assessment programmes to be copied to multiple other courses or rolled over from year to year.
  • Access controlFlexible and comprehensive role based access control ensures that staff can only view and access what they need.
  • Competency based assessment Allows you to record pass/fail/merit style grades such as C (complete) or NC (not complete) as an alternative to numerical marks.
  • Direct grade entryEnables staff to enter the fnal grades directly instead of setting up an assessment programme for a course.
  • Assessment components Optionally record separate marks for separate components of an assessment.

Transform achievement management

Capture much more than just results

  • Track and manage dishonest practice.
    Incidences of Dishonest Practise can be fully managed within aPlus+, with full details of the incidence recorded and various statuses to be set as the incidence is investigated and resolved.
  • Special kinds of information
    The aPlus+ specials framework enables any kind of extra information to be collected about assessment results, course results and unit standard results. Specials can be created to suit any requirement. Specials can optionally affect course grades
  • Aegrotat / Impaired Performance
    Advanced yet easy to use automated calculation of an assessment result based on the student's performance in other assessment . Integrated, accurate and time saving.


  • Easy Integration with SIS data via direct / api / flat file
  • Integrated authentication via LDAP, SAML, OAuth, Google, Canvas
  • API to query data
  • Automated data export via flat file

Approval and Release

aPlus+ provides a framework and workflows for approving assessment and course results. You choose the level of approval that suits you with optional moderator and examiner levels of approval. Emails are sent to relevant staff when their action is required.

Choose to approve results for the class as a whole or for each student individually, such as when students are assessed at different times


Numerous pre-configured reports make it easy to obtain the information you need. Each report allows you to specify the kind of information you need.

Save reports, share them, and schedule them to be emailed when you need them. For example a report of all assessments due during the week could be scheduled to be sent every Monday.

Custom reports can be added to suit unique requirements.

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