aPlus+ Revive

Priority Learner Retention Platform for Higher Education

Enables early intervention
Focuses on priority learners
Continuous monitoring
Case management tools

Know where to focus intervention efforts

aPlus+ Revive unifies student risk profiles and achievement information to continuously identify and prioritise students who may benefit from intervention actions
  • Automated or use based prioritisation
  • Framework to manage intervention action
  • Simple and flexible workflows
  • Track intervention action and outcomes
  • Keep your teaching staff in the loop
  • Audit trails show who did what

Picture student success across your institute

  • aPlus+ Revive reveals student achievement and risk across your institute
  • Automatically appraise each student across your entire student population
  • Visualize the spread of risk across your departments, qualifications and courses
  • Drill down from dashboards through to the individual courses and students of concern

The aPlus+ Revive dashboards show at a glance useful information such as the numbers and relative priorities of actionable issues and an indication of new and closed cases over time

Simple and powerful case management

Faculty manage planned intervention actions and track success using Revive's friendly user interface with flexible workflows. At a glance see risk profile, recent and planned action, who has done what.

Improve student retention through early alerting

  • Discover students who need support.
  • Track support efforts and outcomes.
  • Connect stakeholders.
  • Maintain evidence of the actions that you're taking to retain students.
  • Enable collaboration so that staff become a part of the student retention process.

End-to-end student attendance tracking and early alert

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